Hotspur Hardwoods


Greene & Greene style Blanket Chest.  Crafted from mesquite and mahogany the chest is cedar lined and hinged to allow access to the interior from both the left and right sides.  Chest measures 30"h x 20"d x 60"l.

Black walnut triangle table with ebonized mahogany details and granite top.  Influenced by the design vocabulary of Greene & Greene.  21" on each side and 19" high.

"A River Runs Through It" coffe table made of mahogany base and marble top.  Two through drawers allow access to drawer contents from either side.  Table measures 16"h x 28"d x 55"l

Oak fold down desk with ebony drawer pulls.  Desk measures 32"h x 26"d x 48"l

Mesquite fireplace screen with tile inserts and ebony details.  Screen measures 28"h x 10"d x 36"l

Mahogany chandelier with tiffany style stained glass.  Suspended from ceiling panel via four leather straps.  Completed original Design was featured in Woodwork magazine.  Chandelier measures 9"h x 24"d x 32"l

Mahogany floor lamp with tiffany style shade.  Lamp measures 52"h x 18"dia

Mahogany mirror frame with tile and ebony accents.  Mirror measures 28"h x 1"d x 40"l

Bradford pear "Fallen LeAVES" bench with walnut accents.  Bench measures 38"h X 22"d X 48"l

Photos by Daniel Reese Photography
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